Walgreens Pay Period Calendar

If you need to know the exact date for your salary when you work at Walgreens, download the Walgreens Pay Period Calendar.

The average hourly wage at Walgreens ranges between $8.94 an hour for Stocker and $46.33 for Pharmacist. The average Walgreens salary is $17,479 for Photo Associate and $115,170 for District Manager.

The following salary information is based on 17,065 data points that were collected directly from users and employees.

Please note that the salary figures shown here are approximates based on third-party submissions to Indeed. These figures are provided to Indeed users only for general comparison purposes. The minimum wage in each jurisdiction may vary. You should check with the employer to find out actual salary figures.

Walgreens Pay Period Calendar 2021

Biweekly Calendar Sample for Reference

Download Walgreens Pay Period Calendar 2021

Walgreens doesn’t set any calendars for the pay period but what we know is that the payment goes to your bank account biweekly. It means that you are going to receive your salary every two weeks.