OPM Pay Period Calendar

OPM Pay Period Calendar 2021 is available down below. Get to know more about the schedule of federal government salary payment by looking at this calendar here.

The Office of Personnel Management offers policy leadership and expertise in a range of Governmentwide Pay Programs for Federal Employees. These include the General Schedule (GS), Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) Pay Schedules and the Federal Wage System.

The Federal Government’s General Schedule (GS) Payscale determines the salaries of more than 70% of federal civilian employees. Base pay for an employee is determined by two factors: the GS Paygrade they hold and the Paygrade Step that they have reached (depending on their seniority or performance).

The General Schedule contains 15 pay grades. The federal agency assigns each job a classification based on the required qualifications and the degree of responsibility or difficulty.

OPM Pay Period Calendar 2021

OPM Pay Period Calendar 2021

Download OPM Pay Period Calendar 2021

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