McDonald’s Pay Period Calendar

You can find the McDonald’s 2021 pay period calendar here. This calendar will give you the exact date that the payroll is due to your bank account.

The average McDonald’s hourly wage ranges between $7.62 an hour for Customer Service Team Leader to $21.22 for Technical Product Manager. McDonald’s average salary is $15,000/year for Maintenance Managers and $155,000/year for Director of Marketing.

The salary information is derived from 46,504 datapoints collected directly from users and employees as well as past and current job ads on Indeed over the past 36-months.

Please note that the salary figures shown here are approximates based on third-party submissions to Indeed. These figures are provided to Indeed users only for general comparison purposes. The minimum wage in each jurisdiction may vary. You should check with the employer to find out actual salary figures.

McDonald's Pay Period Calendar 2021

McDonald’s Pay Period Calendar 2021

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