Costco Pay Period Calendar

Make sure you have a copy of the Costco pay period calendar so you know when your latest salary payment is due.

Employees at Costco Wholesale Company earn an average of $17.80 per hour. Costco Wholesale Company’s hourly salary ranges from $12.52 to $27.69 per hour on average. Warehouse Supervisors at Costco Wholesale Company earn the most, with an average hourly pay of $24.70, while Cake Decorators earn the least, with an average hourly rate of $13.16. The average hourly compensation for Costco employment in the United States is $13.58 per hour as of June 18, 2021.

Costco is a multinational corporation based in the United States that owns and manages a chain of membership-only big-box retail locations. As of 2016, Costco was the world’s fifth largest retailer and the leading retailer of choice and prime beef, organic groceries, rotisserie chicken, and wine. Costco was rated #10 on the Fortune 500 list of the top firms in the United States by total revenue in 2021.

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