Census Bureau Pay Period Calendar

Census Bureau pay period calendar 2021 is available here on this site. Download it by clicking the button placed down below.

FYI, before you can go to your work area, you will need to attend an orientation session lasting one-and-a-half to two days. You are encouraged to ask any questions about the Census Bureau during this session. For information about the location of your orientation, please call the Recruiting office at 301-763-47448.

Employees may be allowed to participate in a flexible schedule (alternate work schedule or flexibility time) with some exceptions. Employees can choose a schedule that has non-traditional arrival and departure hours. The hours of work are between 7 AM and 6:30 PM. More information is available in the orientation package. Supervisory approval is required for all work schedules.

Every other Thursday is the official payday. Direct deposit is the best way to get your salary to your financial institution. Direct deposit is a secure and quick way to transfer funds to your account. Online, you can view the current pay rates and the calendar for each pay period.

Census Bureau Pay Period Calendar 2021

Census Bureau Pay Period Calendar 2021

Download Census Bureau Pay Period Calendar 2021

Get Census Bureau Pay Period Calendar 2021