Canada Pay Period Calendar

To get the most current information about your Canada payroll, you will need to have a Canada pay period calendar. Below, you can download Canada pay period calendar 2021.

Paydays occur every Wednesday for 2 weeks.

Paydays are when you get paid for the pay period 2 weeks prior. This is known as payment in arrears.

Pay periods last 10 weeks. They begin on Thursdays after paydays and end two weeks later on Wednesdays (on the payday).

Payday for a pay period is two weeks after it ends.

Find out the exact time you’ll be paid for a particular work day.

  • Find the day that you are looking for in our calendar
  • Add 2 weeks to this date and locate the next payday in the calendar. This is when you’ll get paid
  • If the work day falls on payday, you’ll get paid on the next payday

You should speak with your manager if you have not received pay within 4 weeks of beginning work. If this happens, you can request an emergency salary increase if necessary.

Canada Pay Period Calendar 2021

Canada Pay Period Calendar 2021

Download Canada Pay Period Calendar 2021

Get Canada Pay Period Calendar 2021